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macro call generating error A2381 & A1055

Question asked by ROB LUND on Dec 12, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2007 by bigmac
Hey, guys, I'm currently trying to port over the assembly code from Freescale's USB 3D mouse project, "RD68HC08USB3DMSESW".  This runs on the MC908JB8 microcontroller.  The code was compiled under the CASM08 assembler by RAPID.

I created a new assembly project in CW 6.0.  As you can imaging, there are a lot of syntax differences, mostly with directives.

The macro definitions are a bit different.  I'm getting a puzzling error with most of the macros defined, A2381 and A1055.  Here's the macro:

;* MACRO - copy #\1 to \2KMOV:   MACRO        lda     #\1        sta     \2        ENDM

The compiler gives me the A1055 here, complaining about the lda #\1 line.

 Here's how it's called:

        KMOV    {1<b_IDLE},V_TRANSACT      ; device idle        clr     V_PROCESS                  ; reset processing status

This call gives me error A2381 on the macro instantiation.

What I'm not clear on yet is that syntax with the braces.  Is the greater-than symbol some sort of bit relocation?