Burst programming from a FLASH Block to another one. - HCS08GT60.

Discussion created by Johan VORMS on Dec 11, 2007
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Hi all,
 In order to defrag a FLASH part used to store non volatile data, I try to programm another FLASH zone in burst mode.
 I do this on a HCS08GT60.
The data I need to write are in another FLASH location. So during the Flash programming algorithm, I do a read access in FLASH (more precisely just before the "WRITE TO FLASH TO BUFFER ADDRESS AND DATA" ) to get my data.
 The result is that the first data is well written when I look at the FLASH with the debugger but all the following data are not correctly written (they are all to 0x04 when I look to the FLASH with the debugger ??????).
No FACCER is detected.
I suppose the read access in FLASH during the burst programming sequence is forbidden and can explain this comportment.
Anybody can help me ?
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