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How to successfully run dev_cdc_virtual_com_twrk65180m

Question asked by Mitty McDoogle on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by Gump Forrest

I am trying to set up my K65 tower board as a CDC USB device. I have been able to successfully run 'dev_cdc_virtual_com_frdmk64f' on my freedom board. Now I am trying to run 'dev_cdc_virtual_com_twrk65180m' on my tower board. After loading the program, I plug a USB cable into the board's microUSB slot (J15), but no device is recognized by the PC. I've checked my jumper settings according to the MQX Getting Started PDF (link is listed below). Although, the jumper settings in the MQX Getting Started PDF are written for a Revision C board whereas my board is Revision D. (page 48)


What else can I try to get this example code working?