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FRDM-KL25z uTasker SerialBootloader application program

Question asked by Matteo Civale on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Mark Butcher


I try to use uTasker serial bootloder for load my application on frdmkl25z, i follow so many post  about the argument but i dont't understend what is the problem.

i dont't use porocessor exper to write my application.

I done the follows steps:

1) I flash the utasker Serial bootloader on my frdmkl25z with succesfull

2) I build my application with the follows linker file settings:


3)I add in the file system_MKL25Z4.c locate in the directory Startup_Code of the project, in the SystemInit function, the follow code istruction to shift the interrupt array in the memory RAM space


4) I update my application file in SREC format by serial port. The uploading of the file was succesfull but when i try to send the GO command, the frdmkl25z will reset and display my the boot loader menu again


I hope someone can help me !