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Configuring properly sensor fusion project on KL26Z

Question asked by Remi Beges Employee on Jul 21, 2015
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I am trying to develop a project with the sensor fusion library on a Freedom KL26Z


I went to this page Sensor Fusion|Freescale

Downloaded and installed the sensor fusion library

Then imported into CodeWarrior the project correctly. So far I think it's good


I then tried a first compilation but I get immediatly an error :

mqxlite.h: No such file or directory mqxlite.h: No such file or directoryMQX1.h/FSFK_KL26Z/Generated_Codeline 69C/C++ Problem


Hum ok. Is there some code generation to run before being able to compile successfully ?


I hope someone can help me out a little to start.


Also, just by looking at the code, I found this in GeneratedCode/MQX1.h :


#include "PE_Const.h"

#include "IO_Map.h"

/* Include inherited components */

#include "SystemTimer1.h"

#include "task_template_list.h"

/* MQX Lite include files */

#include "mqxlite.h"

#include "mqxlite_prv.h"


/* Path to MQX Lite source files */

#define MQX_PATH   "C:/Freescale/CW MCU v10.6/MCU/ProcessorExpert/lib/mqxlite/V1.1.1/"

void      SystemTimer1_OnCounterRestart(LDD_TUserData *UserDataPtr);



Why is there an absolute path in there ? Which, furthermore, points to nowhere on my computer :




If I understand correctly, this file is generated automatically when I downloaded and installed the sensor fusion library. Which means, and correct me if I'm wrong, if I want to open source this project, using versionning tools such as, this absolute path will be the same for everyone. But, if other contributors install the library on a different path on their computers than mine, the code will not compile. This is very not portable, so if someone can explain the reason for this, I'd really appreciate it


Thank you for your help


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