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SABRE Board vs element14 sabre Lite Vs Boundary devices BD-SL-i.MX6

Question asked by rohitchandel on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by nagla dhana

Dear All,


Feeling a bit confused in selecting a board for out of the three mentioned for hobby/learning purpose.


For Sabre board on one hand I get complete support and some sensors on board, price is too high for additions(sensors). Extensive documenation as well as components test sources is the other big advantage, which I can use as it is.


For SabreLite and Boundary devices, I'm not sure I can use all the extensive documentation provided by freescale as well as indivisual component test code as it is.

But these boards are around 50% of the price of the Sabre board. I can even have an LVDS display with touch in the price point of Sabre board.

Other disadvantage with these is that there's no onboard sensors, but theta I guess is not much to be worried since off the shelf sensor modules are available, and should not be of much hassle to use them.


SO my intuition and knowledge tells me to go with one of the later boards....


Do you find anything missing or disagree with my views or even think my analysis(difficult for me since i'm not an HW expert) is not upto the mark....


please comment with your views.


PS: i'm looking for quad version here, as Linux multicore is my target for learning.