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PE-generated USB code does not seem to work

Question asked by Alex Feinman on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by isaacavila

Using KDS 3.0 and KSDK 1.2.0 trying to build a barebone USB demo. Tried with FRDM-K22F and TWR-K65F180


1. Create a new PE-enabled project, using TWR-K65F180 board.

2. In CPU view right-click USB0 and add KSDK 1.2.0/fsl_usb_device_msd_class

3. Select 115200  and UART2 for debug console when prompted to fix a problem. Enable RAM disk demo option.

4. Generate, build and run.


Expected result: USB device enumerates as mass storage

Actual result: USB device fails to enumerate (attempts can be seen via dmesg)


On the same board usb device mouse sample from SDK works fine.

Same problem occurs on a FRDM-K22F board. I must be missing something obvious.


Note: if using TWR-K65 board, you need to either place it in the elevator or to use the micro usb connector, move 2 resistors. This has been done.