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bootloader for the FRDM-K64F

Question asked by yibin wang on Jul 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by Mark Butcher

Dear all,

How are you? Recently, I got my first FRDM-K64 Evaluation board. With some trying, I can successfully build a project of I wanted using PE, such as GPIO control, UART communication, etc.

And I also can debug my code through the GDB OpenOCD Debugging. But, I found a strange thing for the Evaluation board. I can successfully download my code through the debugging. And power up again, the board always can work well. If I put my binary file to copy the “MBED” disk for the code update, it seems the board is not able to work and the reset LED is always lighted when the power up again.


With some testing and looking for the google, I got the latest bootloader file “0221_k20dx128_k64f_0x5000.bin” and updated the bootloader with it.  With the latest version bootloader updated, I can update my code regardless of the debugging or the “MBED” disk copying both can make my board works well.


My old bootloader file is k20dx128_k64f_if_mbed.bin. I want to know what the different between these two bootloader files (0221_k20dx128_k64f_0x5000.bin vs. k20dx128_k64f_if_mbed.bin)

Or I am missing something on my software? Because, when I copy the demo code to the board with these two bootloader files respectively, the board always can work well.


Please let me know your comments on my concern.

Thanks in advance!


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