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Question asked by Christopher Hudson on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Mark Butcher

I have been using Symphony DSP's for 10years but now I am having to move to something else due to EOL, so need to do a code port and keep things as much the same as possible. Kinetis K20 looks like its the choice but totally lost as to all the features multiplexed on all the pins etc.


My application uses 4 analog inputs  two running at 64Ksps and other two at 16Ksps all at 16bit resolution.


what I want to know is:


1) I want to use all 4 ADCs_SE, is it possible to do 16bit on all 4 without PGA limitation?

2) can I hardware average, sampling at say 248Ksps and first two get 4x average and other two get 16x average?

3) it is unclear to me which pins to use since all 4 ADC have SE8-18 pins available.  Is this just to give me the option of moving the signal from one pin to another or do all the various pins do something?

4) do I have to hook up SE ADC pins in twos: signal and ground?

5) As for other peripherals, they also have multiple pins, same deal as #3?

6) I plan on using this as the programmer: P&E Microcomputer Systems - USB Multilink Universal FX - USB Multilink Universal FX All-In-One Development Interface - H… , what pins are required to hook up to connect the device?