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Issue when connect between two flexcan modules??

Discussion created by yun feiyang on Nov 23, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by yun feiyang
Hi all,
I repot a flexcan driver from MCF5213 to MCF5223x board, and I tested the loop-back mode, it works well. But when I connect the MCF5213 board with the 5223x board, errors happen. It seems the frame transmited isn't correctly received(I'm sure hardware is OK).because 5213 use 80MHZ fsys, so the clock to flexcan is 80/(2*(1+15))=2.5MHZ, so I changed the MCF_FlexCAN_CANCTRL[31-24]=0x17, which means 60/(1+0x17)=2.5MHZ too, and the other bits the same, so they get the same baudrate(?),but errors is the same.
I have no anther 5223x board to test with two same boards. so any ideas?