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Failed to resume target process. Downloading binary to target...

Question asked by wang yongsheng on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by wang yongsheng

Hi all, and particularly PGO,

I'm experimenting issues with CodeWarrior10.6 and the USBDM with DSC MC56F8345 or MC56F84789 device. I have created a project and keep all default options. However, it is not possible to load and debug the application. I get the following error when launching the debugging:


In the console:

Executing Initialization File: E:\Codewarrior\84789_BDM/Project_Settings/Debugger/MC56F84789.tcl

radix x

cmdwin::eclipse::config hexprefix 0x

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemWidth 16

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemAccess 16

cmdwin::eclipse::config MemSwap off



Starting 3rd party flash programming...

DiMemoryDownload() - DI_DNLD_TERMINATE - Programming memory image...


Programming target

  Device = 'MC56F84585'

  Trim, F=0, NVA@0000, clock@0000




  Total bytes=35556


Erase Time = 3.48 s, Speed = 9.97 kBytes/s, rc = 0

DiMemoryDownload() - DI_DNLD_TERMINATE - Programming complete, rc = 7


    Thanks for your attention,

    Best Regards,