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Converting Code Warrior10.6 project in KDS not working

Question asked by pallenna PRSR on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Tc Liew

Hi to Erich Styger,Adrian Sanchez Cano ,Tc Liew,jeremyzhou,Alice_Yang,

i am new to KDS IDE. i tried to importing a existing project from the Codewarrior 10.6 to KDS,and i followed the procedure of Importing MCU V10.6 projects (sample, using PE and MQX) under KDS, but it is not working. and i getting error as follows

make: *** [Test_TWR_K60DM100.elf] Error 1.

and i am sending the attachment please check it once,in this file if i did any mistakes please mention.


Thanks and Regards,