Importing MCU V10.6 projects (sample, using PE and MQX) under KDS

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Configuration used:

                Hardware :              TWR-K60D100M

                                                P&E Multilink Universal rev B

                Software:                CW for MCU V10.6

                                                KDS V1.1.1


Attached you will find 3 docs explaining step by step how to import a MCU V10.6 projects under KDS1.1.1


1- Porting sample MCU V10.6 project to KDS V1.1.1

2- Porting sample Processor Expert MCU V10.6 project to KDS V1.1.1

3- Porting sample MQX MCU V10.6 project to KDS V1.1.1


If you see problem or mistake, don't hesitate to contact me.



Another project:

4- Porting Example delivered on MCU V10.6 to KDS V1.1.1 (

        + How to solve the "Program "gcc" not found in PATH" message




Other problems linked to the vector table moving MCU to KDS 3.0.0I am attempting to port a project from CodeWarrior 10 to KDS 3.0.


I was porting from CodeWarrior 10 to KDS 3.0. After fixing all the coding differences I ran into a runtime problem. The code kept restarting.

In comparing the C startup file provided by KDS and CodeWarrior I found that CodeWarrior was turning off the WatchDog and setting the Interrupt Vector Table address, KDS was not doing this.

I copied the relevant CodeWarrior code to the SystemInit() function in the system_MK20D7.c file.

This disabled the WatchDog, but left me with the problem of the code restarting whenever the an interrupt was generated.

I finally figured out that the problem was with the line of code that was attempting to re-locate the Vector table address.

Although the code appears to work for CodeWarrior it is totally bogus fro KDS.

Removing the line solved the problem.

After renaming all my interrupt handlers to the KDS naming convention everything now works as it should.

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