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Question asked by Michael Hufnagl on Apr 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2015 by Michael Hufnagl

Good evening Community !


,. today i ran into a very serious issue concerning the DSC56f82748.

If the chip is cold (room temperature) the flash process will fail.

I use the pe-micro multilink firmware version 6.15.

If i heat up the chip with a hot air fan (approx to 100°C) the flash process  succeeds.


I've cross checked the programmer with a different board of a different type.

The flash succeeds there. so i assume that the programmer is ok. (just got it today from mouser)


I've also cross checked the cpu on my actual board. (changed it to a brand new one of the same type) ,. same issue on both DSC56F82748VLH's..


any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thank's in advance !