Jesus Ortiz

Problems with uClinux and MCF5329EVB

Discussion created by Jesus Ortiz on Nov 13, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2007 by David E Seymour

I'm trying to build and boot uClinux on the M5329EVB. I'm following the steps detailed in the Application Note 3408 but when I have to build the kernel (command "make" in "uClinux-dist" directory -- page 12 of the AN3408) it doesn't work.

When I execute the command "make", a lot of text messages start to appear on the screen. I attach you the final part ot that text, where the error messages appear.

I've tried the hole build process as root (administrator) and as normal user, and it doesn't work with any of them.

Can you help me with this issue, please? Do you know why those error messages could appear?

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Jesús Ortiz