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Flash Bootloader - partially working - what am I doing wrong? (Production boards w/o OpenSDA)

Question asked by Scott Swanson on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Juan Pablo VEGA

I'm using a K64F and migrating to custom hardware. So am trying to dump OpenSDA - that's a lot of hardware and $$$ for a production unit... And holding up sending out a board until I get the bootloader happy.


I've tried "freedom_bootloader.bin" and that works fine while connected to the SDA USB port and running "KinetisUpdater.exe" to update led_demo_FRDM-K64F_a000.bin with an offset of 0x0000A000. Perfect.


....    Now - trying to dump OpenSDA and setup a bootloader for production hardware.   ....


Loaded "flashloader_loader.bin" and it creates a USB HID device that "KinetisUpdater.exe" sees, and will flash the demo_blinky. Great.


"freedom_bootloader.bin"  clearly works through OpenSDA and works just fine. flashloader_loader works through the other USB port (K64_USB) and programs properly, but "demo_blinky" never executes..

Even after a full reset and NOT going into bootloader mode, "demo_blinky" is not running - so I'm not even sure that the programming by "KinetisUpdater.exe" is correct.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Yes, I should build a bootloader and single-step through the thing using P&E...


Also, the Kinetis Bootloaer 1.1.0 docs mention about using external I2C EEPROM, but how does that get programmed and updated in the field ?

So, I'm planning on using the HID solution to update firmware in the field. So confused.



       For production - do you typically get the processor flash pre-programmed? Or flash using P&E (slow as heck).

       I just found this doc and it appears like it'll get me in the right direction:

           AN4835.pdf - Production Flash Programming of Kinetis....