Fangnan Wu

error message "CCSProtocalPlugin: CCS: Cable disconnected ", help!!

Discussion created by Fangnan Wu on Oct 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2007 by Pascal Irrle
Hi everybody:
I have a problem with JTAG interface plugged into parallel port to PC (from demo board 56F8013),
before it worked fine, until now it always gives me an error message "CCSProtocalPlugin: CCS: Cable disconnected ", I checked everything is connectted as fine as before, and the strange thing is: when everything worked before, I cliked the "make" button, it showed a warning, which is fine (still can be downloaded to the demoboard), while but now, when I clicked the "make" button, it shows me nothing, why?
and I also want to know for sure if it is the problem with the JATG interface, or with the 56F8013 chip itself?
Many thanks!