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Processor expert to Keil uVision

Question asked by Roland Resurreccion on Mar 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Marek Neuzil

i was experiencing some problems with exporting the code generated from processor expert to uVision Keil. i did not write any of my codes yet i just want to check if everything is compiling.

i did specify that the compiler should be Keil ARM. but in keil when i compile the project i get this error.


uVision 5.12

processor expert 10.4.2


Generated_Code\AS1.c(200): warning:  #223-D: function "Cpu_EnterCritical" declared implicitly

      EnterCritical();                   /* Disable global interrupts */

Generated_Code\AS1.c(208): warning:  #223-D: function "Cpu_ExitCritical" declared implicitly

      ExitCritical();                    /* Enable global interrupts */

Generated_Code\AS1.c(288): warning:  #223-D: function "Cpu_EnterCritical" declared implicitly

    EnterCritical();                     /* Disable global interrupts */

Generated_Code\AS1.c(292): warning:  #223-D: function "Cpu_ExitCritical" declared implicitly

    ExitCritical();                      /* Enable global interrupts */

Generated_Code\AS1.c(392): warning:  #177-D: variable "OnFlags" was declared but never referenced

    word OnFlags = 0x00U;                /* Temporary variable for flags */

Generated_Code\AS1.c(144): warning:  #550-D: variable "OutIndexW" was set but never used

  static word OutIndexW;                 /* Index for writing to output buffer */


thank you