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mfgtool optimisable for mass production

Question asked by B B on Feb 24, 2015



I have a very simple yet necessary question. This is mostly aimed at Freescale employees.


We have created a custom imx6s board with almost all peripherals onboard. We would like to start mass production very soon and want to use the mfgtool (IMX_6_MFG_L3.10.17_1.0.0_TOOL --> Without rootfs)). We would only like to use the tool to push u-boot to the device. However I have an issue using this tool.


The -noui window never closes. Our automated system cannot handle windows that do not close after a successful boot. Is it possible to add an extra command such as "-pass 1" to the tool that closes after one succesful operation?


We tried using the application source code (IMX_MFG_TOOL_V2_SOURCE) to do it ourselves, but whenever we build it in visual studio 2012 we get a mass of errors mostly related to a dot in the mapname.  When we got things finally working and building, the application crashes when trying to boot the device. Very weird because we never changed the downloaded source code. Can anyone try to download the website code, extract it into C:\ and open it in visual studio?)

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