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Question asked by John Strohm on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by Carlos_Musich

We are using Code Warrior 10.6 for a Kinetis K51DN512.  Our project is in C++.


I can compile all of our code.  When it attempts to link, the linker errors out, with:


C:/Freescale/CW MCU v10.6/MCU/ARM_GCC_Support/ewl/lib/armv7e-m\libm.a(ansi_fp.o): In function `__num2dec':

ARM_GCC_Support/ewl/EWL_C/src/math/ansi_fp.c:1254: undefined reference to `__aeabi_d2iz'


Obviously, I am missing a library somewhere, but which library, and where?