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Compiling Quick Start Package for K22F Freedom Board With KDS 2.0.0 and KSDK 1.1.0

Question asked by Calvin McCoy on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by Timothy Osborne

I'm trying to compile the the demo code that is available in the K22F Freedom Board Quick Start Package using KDS 2.0.0 and KSDK 1.1.0. I've imported the included KDS project, but it's having problems finding all the files it needs in the KSDK. So far I've managed to fix on my own:

  • The example project uses absolute paths so the whole quick start folder must be in the root of the KSDK folder
  • The project looks for a folder under /boards called "frmdk22f120m" and no such board exists. I make a copy of "frmdk22f" and renamed it to "frmdk22f120m" and now it seems happy with that
  • I had to adjust the path to libksdk_platform.a in the compiler settings. I pointed it to a a version I built using the provided KSDK platform lib library


After I fixed those issues, I found that there were MANY more broken paths in /drivers,/hal, and /system.  Also, under /board/common, the support folder for the fxos8700 accelerometer is completely missing.


I'm guessing this project was created with something other than KSDK 1.1.0 Is there going to be a version of this QSP that supports KSDK >=1.1.0? Thanks.