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HDMI setup on TWR-LS1021A

Question asked by Hubert Chaumette on Jan 19, 2015



I am trying to use an HDMI display (Lilliput 669GL), but can't get any signal. I use the Yocto board SDK, with linux-layerscape-sdk 3.12. I have both HDMI and the SII9021 HDMI controller drivers built-in (kernel configuration attached). At the moment, it seems the fsl_sii902x.c driver fails to probe at boot :


bus: 'i2c': add driver sii902x

bus: 'i2c': driver_probe_device: matched device 1-0039 with driver sii902x

bus: 'i2c': really_probe: probing driver sii902x with device 1-0039

sii902x 1-0039: probe

sii902x: probe of 1-0039 failed with error -1

i2c-core: driver [sii902x] registered

This error comes from function really_probe() in drivers/base/dd.c. Can it be the root of the issue?


As some people seem to have successfully used this interface for video output, is there any special kernel configuration or bootargs to enable it?




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