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i.MX6Q/D IPU performance

Question asked by ko-hey on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2015 by ko-hey

Hi all


I want to know a IPU processing performance of i.MX6Q/D.

Does anyone have IPU's processing performance data per second ?


I don't know whether IPU can process a data without affecting the CPU in my system that have two CSI input(1080p@60) and one display output(1080p).

I'm concerned about a load of CPU when the IPU processing will overflow.


I can't find it in RM in these respects.

For instance, let me talk about Image Converter (IC).

According to the RM, the maximum rate of input from sensor is 200M pixels/sec and output to display is 100M pixels/sec.

However, there is no description about processing time when performing such as Resizing, Color conversion, etc.


So please provide me a IPU's processing performance data per second if you have it.



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