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kds 2.0.0 - processor expert - K22FN512LH12 error

Question asked by mjg8t on Jan 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2015 by mjg8t

Hi There,


I am getting the error as seen in the image when creating a processor expert project for the mk22fn512lh12 as is on the FRDM-k22f board. first error: "Error in the inherited component settings ".  See attached image for follow on errors.


I have installed KDS 2.0, SDK 1.1.1 and SDK and processor expert updates for eclipse as well.  I have also esured that I have built the platfromxx.a library for the k22f MCU.


It appears that there some incompatiblity with the k22f and the installed hal libraries.  Am I doing something wrong or is the given device truly imcompatilbe with the latest processor expert?