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Flexcan Receiving a data Frame twice,one with the Full Code and One with the Empty Code.

Question asked by Bhanu vats on Dec 11, 2014



Greetings from my side.


I am using IMX 6.0 Controller's Board for the Development of a CAN Application.One another CAN node is continuously sending a Data Frame to the Board at Every 1 Second.But when the Board Recieves the Data,It is receiving

it twice. Interestingly The first Frame is having Code Value as 0x02 and the another Frame is having Code value as 0x04. The frame having the 0x04 ID is having the same ID but the data field comes receives some corrupted data or Null value.In my CAN Application we require to receive a Particular Set of frames(5-6 frames) having same ID in a defined order.But as the Board is receiving every data from a ID two times,so the CAN Application is not working.

Attached is my Driver code for Receiving the data.Please help me out in Resolving this Issue.

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