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K22F Demo App - Composite

Question asked by Cory Todd on Dec 8, 2014
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I am using KDS to build out the various demos and USB demos available for the FRDM-K22F. So far everything is compiling, flashing, and operating without issue. Super impressed with the product so far and I know it is not easy to make everything work together.


The problem I am having is with the CDC/MSD composite demo. In composite_app.c there are three errors citing undefined references to:


#include "usb_class_composite.h"


/* Initialize the USB interface */
USB_Composite_Init(CONTROLLER_ID, &usb_composite_callback, &g_app_handle);
USB_Composite_Get_Class_Handle(g_app_handle, USB_CLASS_CDC, &g_vcom_handle);
USB_Composite_Get_Class_Handle(g_app_handle, USB_CLASS_MSC, &g_disk.app_handle);


This header exists but there is no implementation! I've scored the KSDK folder for what the file I assume should be named "usb_class_composite.c". Has anyone successfully run this demo in KDS?