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Unhandled interrupt in idle task with PTP trafic (UDP) and TCP/IP connection

Question asked by aroste on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by aroste


I come to you since I'm lost to figure out what the issue.


I have a board based on bsp K60F120M.

I had until now CW10.5 and MQX 4.0.1.

I created a new worskspace with CW10.6 and MQX 4.1.1.


With both I have the problem, but seems less with the new installation and only happening in the idle task.  (with MQX 4.0.1 I got it in the TCP/IP task)


So let's go with the most recent installation: (in debug mode now)


I have a communication task to communicate with a TCP connection, and I have some UPD connections for some PTP trafic.

I have a serial line I use for a local printf function @ 115200. (happened also with 9600)


I my software run without the TCP connection established it works,

OR if no PTP trafic and only the TCP connection it is ok.


With both I get un MQX_UNHANDLED_INTERRUPT 0x41 exception in the idle task now.  It happens after a moment, not directly after startup.  Can be 30-50min.  I checked that all tasks have enough stack usage, also the stack for interrupts.


Any idea or any proposals for how to test and find the source of the problem?