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Is possible to use MQX with Processor expert in the same project?

Question asked by xak on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Alice_Yang

I would like to use KDS 1.1.1 with MQX 4.1 and Processor expert, on a custom board with Kinetis K60DN256Z.


I make this actions:

- Cloned and exported BSP --> OK.

- Imported BSP in project Explorer view --> OK

- Changed MQX_CPU definition in PSP and compiled all exported MQX libs (bsp,psp and rtcs) --> OK


Then I created new KDS project but unfortunately it have no link to MQX library. Then I tried to insert a MQX example inside project by copy source from hello.c but it don't work because processor expert don't call MQX but start only its main() function.

So I try the inverse action: I imported the "hello" MQX example as new project, compiled and debugged and all was OK (task run correctly). Therefore I tried to activate processor expert on it, but the relative views was empty and was impossible add PE components.

Then I tried also to import another PE project by "File-Import-processor expert-component setting" menu but it don't work because it say that destination is not a PE project.

The last attempt has been to import the "PE_demo" example but also in this case the processor expert views was empty and was impossible add components.


After all this failed attempt I would like to ask: Is possible to create a KDS project with MQX and processor expert enabled? If yes, which action should I do?


Thanks in advance for hints or solutions