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ENET PTP 1588 problems / capture register

Question asked by wolfgang gaerber on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by alejandrolozano

Hi !


Using imx28 ENET PTP 1588 capture register - we found an intermittent problem:

Mode: 1e9 counting mode, 40MHz clockrate, external pps connected to event capture input

Intermittent, we read out a value from capture register which is wrong by 128xxxxxx nanosecs.

(workaround - ignore timestamps with impossible values)


To round it up, I´d like to repeat the other problems already found / solved:


Another issue already addressed is that we need (with our configuration) a delay by 72ns between setting capture bit in ctrl register and readout of atime.

(a workaround could be to write ctrl register 4 times minimum)

Anyway - reading out the nanosecs stamp can be time consuming using this scheme.


Further we observed that compare events <70ns dont´t trigger the event output / generate an irq.

(workaround - avoid compare values below <100ns)


The example used in imx28 datasheet is based on a 125MHz input clock which is not possible.

Up to now I have no clue how this speed can be accomplished - because an integer divide from 480MHz PLL doesn´t fit.

So we are using /12 and 40MHz clock to operate at nominal speed with 25ns increments - and use the alternate increment+freq for nanosecs correction.

Maybe the mentioned drawbacks don´t exist if running with higher speed.


The linux ptp driver for mx6 was written in a different way -  using free-running 32bit counter.

Maybe people involved into writing that had some knowledge about ptp errata.


I posted this on imx6 group - because this device has similar PTP/ENET circuitry.


Did you observe similar behavior ?

Have you heard of some errata describing this ?




Wolfgang Gaerber