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How do I enable High Speed USB using FSL 1.0.2 bootloader for MK64FN1M0VMD12 ?

Question asked by Nitin Harish on Nov 3, 2014
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How do I enable High Speed USB data transfer on MK64FN1M0VMD12 FSL bootloader ?


I have tried by enabling it by defining MCU_MK70F12 in the project and changing the user_config.h in USB folder


#if !defined(HIGH_SPEED_DEVICE)

     #if (defined MCU_MK70F12) || (defined __MCF52277_H__)

              #define  HIGH_SPEED_DEVICE    (1)


              #define  HIGH_SPEED_DEVICE    (0)




But this does not compile, get lots of errors e.g.: Error[Pe020]: identifier "USBHS_DEVICEADDR" is undefined \bootloader\src\usb_device\driver\kinetis\usb_dci_kinetis.c 239