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How to map the logical address to global address for S12XE MCU for the S-record file flashing in CAN bootloader?

Question asked by dongpeng hou on Oct 30, 2014
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I have a question, I have a CAN bootloader, needs to port from S12G MCU to S12XE. But I found its memory structure has some difference. The logical address to global address mapping is some different for S12XE. I know the S12G mapping is as below

For 24 bit logical address(>0xffff, global address is (page * 0x4000) , adding (logical[15:0] - window offset)

  Global addr = bit[23:16] * 0x4000 + (bit[15:0] - 0x8000)

For 16 bit logical address<=0xffff, global address is 0x0c * 0x4000, adding logical address.

Global addr = bit[15:0] + 0x30000


Could you give me the formula of S12XE MCU?