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KDS power management selection from USB to LPR to VLP for K20DX...

Question asked by Neil Hancock on Oct 20, 2014

I'm designing a K20 to be able to write to a USB Device occasionally, run in power saving LPR periodically and save power in low power mode VLP most of the time.

I'm using the FRDM-MK20D50 board to prototype the USB and LPR modes and the final target is MK20D128VLH7

and trying the KDS 1.1 to do this.

Eric Stygers references are fantastic for setting up KDS  USB MSD Host for the FRDM-K20D50M Board | MCU on Eclipse & Starting Point for Kinetis Low Power LLS Mode | MCU on Eclipse

When KDS works its fantastic - but the learning curve is steep for me - and mostly there is RED .*!. doesn't work.


Looking at putting them together and KDS Component Inspector - CPU is giving a lot of RED "cant do this errors"

So  I like the suggestion from KDS Component Inspector - CPU of 8 Clock Configuration modes - but not clear how this maps through to the K20D from the manual.

The aim is to design clocks that can be switched between three modes

- LowestPower - everything turns off except for RTC and possibly RAM and capability to wake cpu after time, or customer reset (or possibly USB OTG cable plugged in)

- LowPower run mode - mode to get a few things done, and then go back to saving power, LowestPower

- USBactive - run mode (48MHz) that services a USB device - likely to be USB stick, but could be other USB device.

Can I tackle this with the KDS or should I be hand crafting it?