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My USBDM (JM32) fails to work (leds don't light, reset doesn't go low)

Question asked by Balint Szabo on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2014 by pgo

Hi guys,


I have received a PCB from 2012 with a JM32 controller, and have built a USBDM ARM-SWD, Coldfire V1, HCS Minimal Hardware, using firmware version 4.10.6.

Initial programming was OK (using a PEMicro programmer), Win7 sees it correctly, I can do firmware update, set serial number.


- leds are dark, they never light up, never blink;

- I can not switch on/off/set the target VDD voltage to 3V. It is always switched on (5V);

- I can not change the state of target reset pin - it is always high (5V). For testing I have used USBDM TCL interpreter. BKGD pin state change is OK!;

- I can not connect to any target device, auto target detection does not work.


So it seems it works, but not perfectly. Since the hardware itself is very simple, I assume this can be a firmware problem.


What do you think?

Since I have never used USBDM before, I don't know how it should work normally, but I think at least LEDs should be active.


Please help me to get it work!


Thank you very much in advance!