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MQX, Sustained Ethernet (TCP/IP) Speed on K60

Question asked by pmt on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2014 by soledad

Can anyone share benchmarking information for sustained speed on the Ethernet port on the K60?  I'm interested in:


- With MQX/RTCS, another RT/OS, or without OS

- TCP, UDP, and/or raw Ethernet packets


Using MQX/RTCS (4.1 with H/W IP checksum support turned on) on a TCP socket I was able to sustain 30Mb/sec transfers.  This is running K60 @ 100MHz doing dummy writes of 1460 bytes each to an RTCS send(). 


But I'm really trying to get a sense for what the underlying hardware is capable of without the software overhead.