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Question asked by li rui on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by lunminliang

    Hi,When I can program flash successfully, I test the UBOOT.bin coming from the CD, the uart1 can not print the message. So i debug the uboot code with CodeWarrior ,I can run the code with single step ,and find two places may have some problems. One is involved with instruction "isync" or "sync", for example.


   0xfe003374:  4c00012c  isync

   0xfe003378:  3c600000  lis r3 ,0

   0xfe00338c: 3ca00002   lis r5, 0


  the sentence "lis r3,0" is  escaped ,the debugger run to the next one.  I find all the sentence behind "isync" can not run. Does it right?

  the other possible wrong is when the debugger run to function "lock_ram_in_cache",the program counter is out of control.

  thanks for any suggestion.