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TWR-K70F120M_Quick_Start_ Demo Need Help

Question asked by Shahzad Malik on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Daniel Chen



I am trying to get the demo to run back on the Tower K70 board that came on it (Memory Game, SD card reader, Web Interface, acclerometer LED test,  and LED touch)


I am not a software guy at all and I just want to know how to I go about doing this. I have downloaded the TWR-K70F120M_QSD package and read through the quickstart guide.


When this demo was written it was for MQX 3.8 and IAR 6.3. Now I have MQX 4.1 and IAR 7.20



I go to this directory (see below image) and open up TWR-K70120M_Quick_Start_Demo




It then opens up in IAR shown below.I tried to follow the instructions as much as I could but I keep getting error while running C/C++ Complier when I try to debug and download




Can someone please walk me through how to get this demo up and running? I would really appreciate it.