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The problem of DDR on uncustom P2020RDB-PC

Question asked by Min Zhao on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Yiping Wang


We designed a target board using p2020 CPU referring to the design of P2020RDB-PC.

We have 4G DDR. Following is the u-boot print message:


We modified the configurations of DDR in p1_p2_rdb_pc.h, like this:

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS0_BNDS     0x0000007f

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS0_CONFIG   0x80014402

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS0_CONFIG_2 0x00000000   

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS1_BNDS     0x008000ff

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS1_CONFIG   0x80014402

#define CONFIG_SYS_DDR_CS1_CONFIG_2 0x00000000


We also modified the configurations of DDR in ddr.c, like this:

.n_ranks = 2,
rank_density =2147483648u,
capacity = 4294967296u,


Why it print 2G left unmapped? We have modify the configurations of DDR refering to DDR datasheet. But it still stuck in DDR.

Did I need to modify more files?

Thanks a lot.


Best regards,

Min Zhao