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Has anybody experienced with MC56F8357 External Memory Interface hardware design?

Question asked by tshah on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by tshah

Hello All,


I currently in the hardware design stage for one of our new requirement. The DSC that I selected for the design is MC56F8357.


I want to have more memory support through the External memory Interface, Probably a NOR Flash for program storage and PSRAM for data processing. Could you please assist me in the design phase? Any reference documents is available?


Can I interface the DSC directly to the parallel NOR Flash and the PSRAM over the same bus or there will be need for buffer circuits for bus loading? I have attached the schematics for your reference. I also would like to know whether PSRAM interface will work with the DSC or only SRAM will work? Since the PSRAM has the same interfacing with inbuilt clocking circuits I considered PSRAM for my requirement.


Your help will be much appreciated.