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MQX 4.1: CGI script in separated tasks + keep-alive

Question asked by Luiz Fernando Schrickte on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by m.bach



I've just realized that, in my application (and also in the httpsrv sample that comes with MQX FRDM-K64F RTOS) that there is a problem in the CGI scripts support.


Once a script is defined to run in a separated task (script stack size > 0), and two requests for the same CGI script are made within the keep alive timeout interval, the http system freezes. The same problem happens if two different scripts requests are done in this interval (if both have stack size != 0).


It is simple to reproduce the problem: FRDM-K64F + MQX RTOS 4.1 package for FRDM-K64F + httpsrv sample. Open the index web page in the browser and perform some fast clicks in the "System RunTime (RTC) button (which is the only one that calls a CGI script configured to run in a separated task).


A similar problem (which can have different causes) is described here: Re: MQX 4 - HTTPSRV : sockets stay opened


I would appreciate any help!


Luiz Fernando