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MFG - Manufacturing Tool - i.mx6 - Fails when jumping to OS

Question asked by Yusef Maali on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by Michael Robbeloth

I'm using a SabreSD board and I'm not able to complete the boot process with the MFG Tool and the MFG kernel.

Actually I'm using the "linux-imx-mfgtool-3.10.17" kernel provided by the latest version of bitbake from the branch master.


Problems occur when going into the "jumping to OS" phase.

The uboot, kernel and initrd images are loaded correctly and the board is able to start the booting sequence.

At some point, the kernel display recursively "Waiting for UTP device" and the boot process stops.


The development machine runs Windows 7.


Is there anything I can do to try understanding where the problem is?