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Question asked by John Dzielski on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Fiona Kuang

I've installed CW 8.7 on a 64bit Win7 machine following instructions found on a post here.  The process basically involves copying the CW install folder from an XP machine.  What I've found is that the P&E BDM programmer I use to target a 555 won't work.  It returns a "Connect Failed" error when I try and program the processor.  P&E said that the issue is that the drivers only work on a 32bit OS.  I've installed 32 bit Win 7 on another box, but when I try and install code warrior I get an error that says in part "Failed to install the INF file (C:\Windows\inf\windrvr6.inf) Error updating the driver (hwid:*WINDRVR6) with the INF file:  The system cannot find the file specified."  I found a posting here that suggested updating the P&E drivers (I did) and also plugging in the USB device so that it installs. I continue to get the same error.


I followed the instructions for 64 bit Win 7 and have CW running, but I still get the connect error.  Can anybody give me some guidance on how to get the BDM programmer working with this version of CW running on Win7?  There are some other tools that require this version of CW.  Thanks, John.