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Does FSL kernel support sdio irq wake up?

Question asked by raymond wang on Mar 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by raymond wang

my board design is based on SabreSD, and my kernel is 3.0.35, android release is android_jb_4.2.2_1.1.0.

   My issue is Marvell based wlan trying to wake up AP while system entered suspend state. From it's driver, I know that it

use sdio DAT1 line to wake up host. I don't know where to find the patch for that since FSL kernel seems no ready yet to

support this feature.

   From Re: Power State Wakeup accepted interrupts and wakeup times for IMX6 SoloLite?,  I found following message.

  And for SDIO, our BSP is not supporting it by default, but the hardware should support it, just need to enable SDIO's wakeup before suspend, normally, you need to enable two levels, first one is to enable the eSDHC module's interrupt in its driver before suspend, the other is to unmask the wake up logic in GPC module, then SDIO should be able to wake up system.


  I had tried to add code to support but failed to be triggered by wlan module. Any one got better suggestion?