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P1010RDB NAND ECC error

Question asked by yensid on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by Yiping Wang



I'm working with the P1010RDB with NAND chip K9F5608U0D and I am working on using a jffs2 rootfs directly from nand.  I have programed the rootfs.jffs2 file both using nand write.jffs2 from U-boot and by using flash_eraseall and nand_write directly from the kernel.  In either case the first boot of the system is fine and shows no problems.  On the second and all follwing boot ups the message below is displayed multiple times each for a different address.


fsl,ifc-nand ff800000.nand: NAND Flash ECC Uncorrectable Error

jffs2: mtd->read(0x9a bytes from 0x91ff40) returned ECC error