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V4 Coldfire and DS Data Strobe?  Motorola Bus Timing Change?

Question asked by Steve Janisch on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by TomE

I last used Motorola/Freescale processors back in the 68000 days.  Back in the day you used R/W (Read/Write) and DS (Data Strobe) signals to access the data bus.


I am now converting projects using that processor to a V4 MCF5441x.  I noticed that there is a R/W signal for the FlexBus, but there doesn't seem to be a functional equivalent to the DS data strobe.  Since I have existing IO boards that were using this signal, I suppose I will have to re-create it from the new signals.


But I was wondering if anyone knew the history of when Freescale made what looks like a philosophy change in bus access... is this following a new industry standard/specification or was it changed for some other reason?  As I recall there was a big debate between the Motorola vs Intel bus timing... it looks like this is yet a third approach.