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i.MX6Q-error display on LCD

Question asked by 全运 曾 on Mar 6, 2014
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I have built a Linux 3.0.35 kernel for a LCD. At the beginning, there was a correct display on the LCD. However, after setting up an SD/MMC card by using MFGTool or Linux Host for several times, the display on the LCD is wrong, while using the same u-boot, uImage and file system. The final image on the LCD is the image with four penguins on the top left corner.

Here is the bottom of the terminal output.

starting pid 1392, tty '': '/etc/rc.d/rcS'

Mounting /proc and /sys

Starting the hotplug events dispatcher udevd

udevd (1401): /proc/1401/oom_adj is deprecated, please use /proc/1401/oom_score_

adj instead.

Synthesizing initial hotplug events

Setting the hostname to freescale

Mounting filesystems

BusyBox v1.20.2 () multi-call binary.

Usage: mount [OPTIONS] [-o OPTS] DEVICE NODE

Mount a filesystem. Filesystem autodetection requires /proc.

        -a              Mount all filesystems in fstab

        -r              Read-only mount

        -w              Read-write mount (default)

        -t FSTYPE[,...] Filesystem type(s)

        -O OPT          Mount only filesystems with option OPT (-a only)

-o OPT:

        loop            Ignored (loop devices are autodetected)

        [a]sync         Writes are [a]synchronous

        [no]atime       Disable/enable updates to inode access times

        [no]diratime    Disable/enable atime updates to directories

        [no]relatime    Disable/enable atime updates relative to modification ti


        [no]dev         (Dis)allow use of special device files

        [no]exec        (Dis)allow use of executable files

        [no]suid        (Dis)allow set-user-id-root programs

        [r]shared       Convert [recursively] to a shared subtree

        [r]slave        Convert [recursively] to a slave subtree

        [r]private      Convert [recursively] to a private subtree

        [un]bindable    Make mount point [un]able to be bind mounted

        [r]bind         Bind a file or directory [recursively] to another locati


        move            Relocate an existing mount point

        remount         Remount a mounted filesystem, changing flags

        ro/rw           Same as -r/-w

There are filesystem-specific -o flags.


mount: mounting usbfs on /proc/bus/usb failed: No such file or directory

starting pid 3128, tty '': '/etc/rc.d/rc_gpu.S'

/etc/rc.d/rc_gpu.S: line 6: /sys/module/galcore/parameters/gpu3DMinClock: No suc

h file or directory

starting pid 3134, tty '': '/etc/rc.d/rc_mxc.S'


arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc (Freescale MAD -- Linaro 2011.07 -- Built at 2011/08/

10 09:20) 4.6.2 20110630 (prerelease)

root filesystem built on Fri, 28 Feb 2014 20:05:30 +0800

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

freescale login:


Can anybody help me to get an correct display on LCD?