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Pulse Accumulator interrupt when the pulse count reaches x

Question asked by Hüseyin Yüce Kürüm on Jan 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by Edward Karpicz


Im using mc9s12p128 and im tryinng to count the pulses from PT7 until it reachhes a

value and calls an interrupt.


-Im using PT7 as PACLK (timer clock) and counting the signal

but im not sure where the compare is done or where i should

store the values for compairing.


-is it possible to use other timer channels to compare more than a

value with the timerCounter(while getting the timerClock from

PT7)? Example: Interrupt occurs when the value x is reached and y is reached.


-Does using PT7 as timer clock effects anything except timer?

(maybe ISR?)


Could you send an example code of initialisation for something like this.


Thank you.