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Customize Kernel for Sabre Board for Smart Device

Question asked by Eddy Chiu on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by Anson Huang

Hi all,


I am evaluating the use of the Sabre Board for Smart Device (SDB) as the reference design for our custom board, but the final design requires far less functionality then SDB design.  To save cost we must to take away the all the unused components such as the battery charging circuitry, audio codec, touchscreen interface, accelerator, etc; and on top of that we will be using a smaller size RAM and eMMC.


So anyone can shred some lights in how much effort is required on modifying the kernel to support a strip-down version of the SDB?


We are not kernel experts, so ideally we hope the Linux kernel provided by Freescale would work as-is even with all the hardware modifications.  Would it be as simple as changing some kernel options in LTIB?  Or we actually need to dig into the kernel sources and disable all the unused components?