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dongle license

Question asked by Randy Bulloch on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by Randy Bulloch

Hi All,

I have a CW "BASIC" dongle license which stopped working.  I am using CW10.5, Win7, 64bit. I have an active service request, 1-1251046487,

lots of response but no fix. My favorite FS employee is taking a short vacation and I prefer the open forum anyway.  I have tried re-installing, etc. with no luck for almost 2 weeks.

The LmTools Utility shows the correct "FLEXID" but builds fail with a message that the code exceeds the size of the license. The code is less than

the 512k available for the Kenitis K BASIC license so it should build.


Is it correct that if the correct FLEXID for the dongle appears in the LMTOOL that the license should work?


How do I know that I have a "good" license file?


Any suggestions?