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K60F120M bootloader

Question asked by Guillaume Tiffineau on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by Mark Butcher

Hi all,


I looking for a USB or SDCARD bootloader for the MK60FX512VLQ15 (quite the same as for the TWRK60F120M).

I found the USB bootloader example but it's for the MK60N512VMD100 then the project doesn't build.


It's my first bootloader. I want to adapt the USB bootloader to read on a SD Card instead of the USB. I think that this part should not be so difficult. (just change USB driver to SDCARD driver ??)


But I can't find how to implement the bootloader. What shoud I include, what are the ressources needed and so on.


When I look at the USB example, it seems to be realy different between the two microcontroller. Especially for the flash_Driver. Where can I find them?


Am I going on a wrong way?


Thank you for your help