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How to manage mmu in vybrid using DS5

Question asked by Abdul Nihad on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by Abdul Nihad

I have developed an mqx based audio application using vybrid tower system.I am using DS5 and Vybrid tower system for my development. I have loaded application to vybrid using ddr.scf scatter file from MQX tool kit. It works fine.


I have flashed mqx based audio application to QuadSPI serial nand flash using quadspi_load application available in the vybrid sample code. There is no DDR3 RAM In Our target platform based on Vybrid tower. SO I want to run my application completely from Internal SRAM.When I booted my audio application from QuadSPI nand flash, performance of my application degraded compared to DDR version of application(Which uses ddr.scf from MQX tool kit).

I wanted to use complete 1.5 MB of internal SRAM including OCRAM-gfxRAM for my application.

How to add OCRAM-gfxRAM to scatter file to use in my application.?

Where should I modify to enable and configure the mmu?

Do I need to do any configuration to increase performance of my application.

How to make SRAM cachable?

DO I need to add any extra code in my application to enable and Disable D-Cache and I-Cache?